Why Is My Battery Light On?

Checking Car Battery VoltageThe cars of today feature an abundance of advanced technology. From 360-degree over-head radar cameras and premium rear-seat entertainment systems, to remote start systems and LED headlights, all modern cars offer a unique set of intelligent technology that all runs on its rechargeable 12-volt battery.

With so much responsibility to operate the systems in your car, it is important that your battery stays charged and functional. But what if your battery has an issue and the battery light illuminates on your car’s dashboard?

Below, our team at Boardwalk Acura will let you and all other Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland area drivers know why your battery light could be on and much more!

What the Battery Light Is Telling You

Car Battery Warning LightYour car’s battery may be small, but it wields control over your entire vehicle from the engine start to entertainment, safety, and exterior features.

When this supremely powerful system is having any issues, your car’s computer will detect it and let you know with a warning light on the dashboard that usually resembles a rectangular battery with a positive and negative sign on each end.

When the car starts it measures the voltage produced by the alternator, which helps to recharge the battery. If the voltage doesn’t meet a certain threshold, the battery light will illuminate.

Why Your Battery Light Could Be On

Since your battery drains with time, your car has a built-in recharging system to keep it running. The car’s alternator keeps the battery charged, and if it isn’t producing as much voltage as it’s supposed to, it could be the cause of a few different problems. A few main reasons could be:

  • A faulty or loose alternator belt that doesn’t allow the battery to charge properly.
  • A failed alternator that won’t provide any voltage to the battery.
  • Loose or corroded battery cables, or other wire, that connect components of the charging system.
  • Damaged battery cells or plates.
  • Battery acid leak.

One of these many reasons could be the cause of your battery light appearing on your dashboard. Since the battery is so crucial to everything in your car, you’ll want to get your car to your nearest ASE certified technician as soon as possible for a battery or alternator test.

What to Do If It Turns On While Driving

Changing Car BatteryYou may need to act quickly if the dashboard battery light illuminates while you’re already on the road. As soon as the light comes on, the clock begins counting down to the last bit of voltage that the battery already has in it. Once the battery is fully drained, the car’s engine will cut off and you should slowly pull off to the side of the road and contact your nearest service center.

If you aren’t able to make it home or to your destination before the battery dies, you can try to preserve energy by turning off or not using as many electrical accessories as you can, including the infotainment system and speakers, climate control system, and power windows.

If you’re having car battery issues, remember to use our online scheduling service appointment tool to set up an appointment that fits within your schedule.

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Battery issues will affect everything that your car does, so if you’re having any issues in the Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, or Vineland areas, make sure to visit our state-of-the-art Boardwalk Acura service center for help.

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