Why Does My Car Shake When I Brake?

Why Does My Car Shake When I BrakeWhen your brakes are working properly, they’ll slow down your car in a smooth fashion to help you safely stop the vehicle. However, if you’ve noticed that your car shakes when you brake on the roads of Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland, it could be a sign that a part of the car’s braking system is worn or needs to be repaired.

At Boardwalk Acura, we want to help you figure out what may be causing the shaking, which is why we’re here to help you fix the issue. Visit us today to regain smooth and safe braking!

Uneven Wear of the Brake Rotors

Over time, the rotors become worn and will need to be replaced. However, this wear may happen at an uneven rate. This uneven wear will give the rotor a variation in thickness, which won’t allow the brake pads to be parallel to the rotor. This means that when you apply the brakes, the pads will slip, and you’ll feel this uneven contact between the rotors and pads.

This shaking can be fixed by having the rotors either repaired or replaced. If this is the case, our technicians can inspect the rotors and measure their thickness to determine which course of action is necessary.

Issue with the Wheel Bearings

Wheel BearingsAttached to the wheel bearing hubs are the brake rotors. What the wheel bearings do is allow your wheels to rotate while they support the weight of your vehicle. When the wheel bearings become worn, they aren’t as tightly connected to the rotor, resulting in them having too much room to move; this can then cause a vibration when you brake.

If this is why your car is shaking while braking, you will want to have the worn wheel bearings replaced. When you have your car serviced with us, our technicians can examine each bearing and change out the wheel bearing assembly with new parts.

Malfunction with the Suspension or Steering

If your brake pads and rotors don’t have excessive or uneven wear, the issue may not be specifically with your braking system, but rather with your suspension or steering systems. Damage to these components can also cause shaking while braking. There may be a loose part like the control arm, or a bent or damaged axle shaft, any of which could be the reason for the vibration you’re feeling.

Having your car inspected can help you find out which part is the exact cause of the shaking. After our technicians have determined the rotors and pads are fine, they will check to see if there is any other worn or damaged component within your suspension or steering systems. They can then figure out how to remedy the issue and whether your wheels need to be realigned or a part needs to be replaced.

Stop Your Car from Shaking When You Brake

No matter what is causing your car to shake when braking, you should bring it to our service center at Boardwalk Acura as soon as possible. Our trained technicians will be able to identify the cause and come up with the appropriate solution to get you back out safely navigating the roads of Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland. If your car is shaking when you brake, schedule a service appointment today!