Wheel Alignment 101

Wheel AlignmentA vehicle’s wheels are what help it get around Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland. They also help keep you safe, as the tires are what grip the road to bring the car to a complete stop.

In order for the tires/wheels to properly do their job, they need to be aligned correctly. Any misalignment could cause your driving to be compromised, which could lead to an accident.

In this wheel alignment 101 guide, we’ll tell you exactly what the process is, why it’s so important, and when you should get one for your vehicle. Read through the information below, and schedule your service appointment today.

What Is a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel AlignmentA wheel alignment, also known as a tire alignment, refers to adjusting the vehicle’s suspension, or the system that connects a car to its wheels. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves.

When it comes to proper alignment, you want to adjust the angles of the tires, so they make better contact with the road.

Why Is It Important?

If the wheels are misaligned, the tires will wear prematurely and unevenly. However, properly aligned wheels will result in the following benefits:

  • Improved driver control and safety
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Maximized lifespan of the tires

When Do You Need It?

There are a few ways to determine when your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. If your car pulls to the left or right when driving, then the alignment is off. Also, if the steering wheel is off center when you’re driving straight, or you start to feel vibrations, then you’ll need a wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment Service

Man doing wheel AlignmentWhen a service technician performs a wheel alignment, they focus on three things:

  • Camber: The inward or outward angle of the tire when viewed from the front of the car. Too much tilt in either direction will indicate improper alignment.
  • Toe:This is when the tires are pointing inward or outward when you’re looking at the vehicle from above. When they’re angled in, it’s a toe-in alignment, and when they’re angled out, it’s a toe-out alignment.
  • Caster:The caster angle is the angle of the steering axis when viewed from the side of the automobile. Positive caster means the steering axis is tilting toward the driver. Negative caster has the steering axis tilting toward the front of the vehicle. You want the angle to be right in the center, as that’ll help balance steering, cornering, and stability.

During a wheel alignment service, the tech will inspect everything from the vehicle suspension and steering system to tire air pressure and condition. Plus, they’ll perform a tire rotation to ensure that all four tires wear evenly.

Schedule a Wheel Alignment Today

If your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, then bring it to our state-of-the-art service center at Boardwalk Acura. Our certified technicians have years of experience performing tire services, such as wheel alignments, on all types of automobiles. Therefore, they can work quickly and efficiently, so you can be driving around Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland again in no time. Don’t wait. Either give us a call or schedule service online today!