What Are Speed Ratings for Tires?

What are Speed Ratings for Tires?
There’s a lot to know about your vehicle’s tires, beyond how well they’ll grip the roads of Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland. They also tell you how much speed they can handle while remaining in peak performance.

This information is especially important if you ever have to buy new tires for your automobile. So, keep reading to discover what speed ratings for tires are. Then, feel free to contact Boardwalk Acura if you have any questions.

What Does the Speed Rating for a Tire Mean?

Speed ratings were designed to ensure that a car’s tires match its top speed capability. It was originally established in Germany where some highways don’t have speed limits. With these numbers, you’ll know how fast you can go without damaging the quality of your tires.

However, it’s important to note that this rating is the fastest speed a tire can handle before it can’t perform as designed. It’s not recommended to drive at that speed, especially under unpleasant weather or road conditions.

Where to Find the Tire Speed Rating

What are Speed Ratings for Tires?There are several places where you can find the speed rating for your tires. The first spot you’ll want to look in is the owner’s manual. You can also check out the following locations in your automobile:

  • Driver’s side door jamb
  • Glove box door
  • Gas tank hatch

But you can also look at the tire sidewall, which lists a bunch of letters and numbers. These give you details about the tire, like its type, width, and aspect ratio. The very last digit, a single letter, which tells you what the speed rating is.

Decoding the Speed Ratings

A tires’ speed rating can be represented by a number of different letters. These letters not only designate the top track speed, but they can also determine what kind of car you’re driving.

For example, T indicates that a tire can travel up to 118 MPH. These tires are mostly for passenger automobiles, like your everyday sedan and minivan.

If your car has a spare tire, then it most likely has an M or N, where you can only travel up to 87 MPH and 81 MPH, respectively. Since spare tires weren’t designed to go quickly, you’ll want to be careful if you need to travel with one on your car.

Finally, there are tires designed for higher performing vehicles. Like ones with a Z speed rating, which has been approved for speeds of 149+ MPH. This rating is mainly for performance coupes and sedans, along with sports cars.

There are also tires with a W speed rating, which is approved for speeds up to 168 MPH. If you have an exotic sports car, there’s a good chance it’ll have that W speed rating.

Learn More About the Speed Ratings for Your Tires

It’s important to know speed ratings for tires when it comes time to buy new ones. Not only do you want the rating to correspond to your model’s specifications, but you want all four tires to be the same. Otherwise, they may not provide the handling you need when driving around Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, or Vineland.

If you’re looking to get a new set of tires on your automobile, then contact Boardwalk Acura today for the correct speed rating.