Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

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Motor oil is what keeps the engine’s moving parts lubricated and cool. If your vehicle is low on oil, then the engine won’t be protected. This could cause it to stop working properly, leaving you stranded in Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, or Vineland.

That’s why it’s vital to know the various symptoms of low engine oil. Read through our informative guide, and contact us at Boardwalk Acura if you have any questions.

1. Warning Light Appears

Check Engine LightThis is usually one of the first signs of low engine oil. When a warning light on the dashboard turns on, it’s indicating that you have low oil pressure from there not being enough oil in the engine.

Your vehicle has a sensor that can detect how much oil pressure you have. If the oil level gets to be too low, then the light will come on. When that happens, you’ll want to add more oil before any more symptoms appear.

2. Loud Engine Noises

When the engine’s parts aren’t properly lubricated, they’ll start to have an increase in friction. This friction will loosen the engine rods substantially, which are what keep the pistons tightly secured.

Once those rods get loose, they’ll get thrown around inside the engine. This is what causes loud knocking sounds to form.

3. Burnt Oil Smell

Many of the parts inside the engine are metal. Constant metal-on-metal contact will create a great deal of heat inside the engine. That’s why oil is used, to help keep everything nice and cool.

If oil is low, the engine’s components won’t get cooled off. As a result, you’ll start to smell a burning oil odor inside the cabin.

4. Dipstick Test

Adding Engine Oil

A good way to confirm if you have low engine oil is to use your car’s dipstick to check. Turn the engine off, and keep it off for awhile so that it isn’t hot. You’ll then want to:

  • Remove the dipstick from the engine.
  • Wipe the dipstick with a clean cloth, and put it back in the engine.
  • Remove again, and read the oil level.

The dipstick has a shaded area where the oil needs to be between, to be at a normal level. If the oil is reading below this area, then more will need to be added as soon as possible.

5. Engine Failure

This is the worst-case scenario of being low on motor oil. If you ignore all the above warning signs, then the engine will most likely fail in the end. When that happens, you’ll need to replace the engine, which can be quite costly.

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