The Top Signs You Need an Oil Change

Adding Oil to Vehicle

Did you know that the oil change is the most common form of automotive service that drivers have performed? Oil is a vital component to your vehicle’s performance and its efficiency, so staying on top of your oil changes is important. How can you tell that it’s time to schedule an oil change?

At Boardwalk Acura, we’re here to help drivers in Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland learn more about the tops signs that you need an oil change. We’ll even go over how oil functions and why it’s crucial for your vehicle.

What Does Oil Do For My Car?

Oil has a variety of important functions when it comes to your engine’s performance. Your engine includes many metal parts that rub against each other and create friction. Oil helps by lubricating these parts, so they can move easier, and it also helps disperse the heat that they create. In addition, oil works to help keep these parts clean by picking up any debris that may be in your engine.

Why Do I Have to Change My Oil?

While oil is an important part of your vehicle’s performance, it also has a short life expectancy. When oil is keeping your engine components clean, it picks up the debris, and over time it becomes black and gritty, making its lubrication less effective. When oil is in this state, you’ll need to change it out for fresh oil so your engine can continue to function at its best.

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What Are The Signs That My Oil Needs Changing?

When it’s time to have your oil changed, there’s actually a few signs that can let you know that you’ll need to schedule service soon.

Keep an eye and ear out for these signs:

  • Loud engine performance: When oil’s lubrication becomes less effective, the moving metal parts will start to generate a lot of noise during your travels.
  • Engine knocking: If it sounds like your engine is knocking, schedule oil change service as soon as possible because this could mean that your oil level is low and in desperate need of a fill up.
  • Exhaust smoke: It’s never good to see dark smoke coming from your exhaust, but this could mean that you’ve got a leak in your oil system.
  • The scent of oil: If you can smell oil inside the cabin, this is a red flag that is telling you that there is a leak in the system that will require repairs.
  • Check Engine or Oil Change light: This seems pretty obvious, but it’s a helpful reminder. This light will appear when the sensor detects low or dirty oil.

Knowing When to Change Your Oil

While these signs you need an oil change can be helpful to let you know when to schedule service, you can also stay on top of your vehicle’s health and oil life by knowing your recommend oil change interval. These intervals vary by vehicle and oil types, but once you know how many miles your oil lasts, you can stay ahead of service and not have to worry about waiting for these oil change signs. You’ll be able to keep an eye out on your odometer and know exactly when to have your oil changed.

Are you in need of an oil and filter change or another form of automotive service? Contact us at Boardwalk Acura. We’re proud to help drivers in Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland maintain their vehicles.