How to Check Brake Fluid

Mechanic working on brakesBrake fluid plays a crucial part in your car’s braking system. When you push down on the brake pedal, the fluid transfers the created force directly onto the wheel hub. The result is bringing your vehicle safely to a stop.

If there’s an issue with the fluid, then the brakes could get damaged, which could lead to a collision. That’s why it should be checked regularly and replaced, if necessary.

In this informative guide, we’ll explain how to check brake fluid. Then, contact us at Boardwalk Acura if you need any type of brake service near Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, or Vineland.

Checking Brake Fluid

Learning how to check your brake fluid is pretty straightforward and is done by following these steps…

  1. Open the vehicle hood and find the brake fluid reservoir on top of the master cylinder. Its setting depends on the type of vehicle you have, so you’ll want to refer to your owner’s manual for the exact location.
  2. Check the fluid level in the reservoir and add brake fluid, if needed.
  3. Replace the cap and close the hood.

You’ll also want to check the color and consistency of the fluid. Brake fluid should always be brown in color. If it looks dark or black, then it may need to be replaced. Additionally, if there’s too much copper in the fluid, then it could be breaking down and should be changed as soon as possible.

When to Replace Brake Fluid

brake fluid containerHow often you need to replace brake fluid really depends on the automobile. Some cars need it every 20,000 miles, while others are good with every 45,000 miles. Some could even go as long as 150,000 miles before needing new brake fluid. You’ll want to check your owner’s manual to get the correct interval.

As we mentioned above, the brake fluid will need to be changed if the color and/or consistency is off. However, there are other ways to determine if new or more brake fluid is warranted.

If you find yourself pumping at the brakes a few times or the pedal is going all the way to the floor, then you’re probably low on brake fluid. Additionally, if the brake warning light appears on the dashboard, it could be because of a leak. Check to see if there’s a brown and slick spot under the car, which would indicate a leak.

Schedule Brake Service Today

Driving around Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, or Vineland with bad brake fluid is never a good idea. Otherwise, you could compromise your safety along with the safety of other vehicles on the road. That’s why you’ll need to top off brake fluid as soon as possible or replace it completely, if necessary. While either could be done yourself, it’s something that’s best left to the professionals.

Our certified technicians have tons of experience working with brake fluid. As a result, they can get your car in tip-top shape in no time. So, don’t wait. Schedule service at our Boardwalk Acura today!

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