Acura RDX vs Audi Q5

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Settling into a luxury crossover is a great way to make your way around the Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland areas, but if you’re Acura RDX in Whitecurrently in the market and you’re stuck choosing between the 2018 Acura RDX vs. Audi Q5, you certainly have a tough choice to make. While both these stylish luxury crossovers offer a lot to their respective drivers, our team at Boardwalk Acura is here to focus on the difference. Let’s take a closer look at these two popular vehicles.

Continue reading to see how these vehicles differ so you can determine which one is the best choice for you.

2018 Acura RDX vs Audi Q5 Engine Performance & Power

Underneath the respective hoods, the differences are readily apparent. The Acura RDX delivers an impressive performance of 279 horsepower with its 3.5L V6 engine. The Audi Q5, on the other hand, features a 2.0L Turbo 4-cylinder engine that tops off at 252 horsepower. Each vehicle comes with an automatic transmission, but the RDX also features Variable Cylinder Management™. This feature varies the use of 6-cylinders to three during normal performance to help accommodate the driving style while reducing the fuel consumption.

Passenger Comfort & Cargo Space

Both of these luxury crossovers are designed to carry five passengers in comfortable and spacious cabins. The Acura RDX offers a 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat and the Audi Q5 offers an 8-way power adjuster. When it comes to passenger space, the RDX takes the lead in legroom with 42 inches in the front and 38.3 inches in the rear, while the Q5 offers 41 inches of front legroom and 37.8 inches of legroom for the rear passengers. Both vehicles offer a little more than 26 ft3 of cargo space, however, when the rear seats are folded down, the Acura RDX features 61.3 ft3 which is a tad more spacious than the 60.4 ft3 of cargo space offered in the Audi Q5.

RDX vs Q5 Luxury Crossover Style & AppearanceAcura RDX Interior Dashboard

The Acura RDX and the Audi Q5 have both been praised for their luxurious style and design. However, while both of these competing vehicles are in the same automotive class and category, their appearances are wildly different. The Acura RDX encompasses the midsize SUV style with its height and length, while adding a few bells and whistles like the shark fin antennae, a sleek and refined grille and front fascia, and the illustrious Jewel Eye LED Headlights. The Audi Q5 is instantly recognizable, but if you’re not looking at the emblem on the vehicle, you may confuse it for another German automaker. It has a sport wagon appearance that doesn’t really scream “luxury” or “crossover.” In all actuality, the Audi Q5 just seems a little bland and lacking of a luxurious design.

See the 2018 Acura RDX for Yourself

In our 2018 Acura RDX vs. Audi Q5 luxury crossover comparison, we hope that you gained a strong sense of what these vehicles offer. However, you probably got the sense that the Acura RDX indeed has several key advantages over the Audi Q5 features and abilities. But if you feel you’ve got more to learn, why not learn through experience and take the RDX out for a spin?

Schedule a 2018 Acura RDX test drive at Boardwalk Acura. We’re always here to help drivers in Egg Harbor, Atlantic City, and Vineland make the right choice towards their next luxury car.